ESP8266-01 Bread Board Adapter

Update: 2017-01-15
Although the below adaptor works I found it inconvenient. The rear connectors are blocked by the ESP8288. I therefore built a ESP8266 bread board adaptor version 2

After a lengthy pause I have started playing with the ESP8266 modules again and I was getting annoyed by all the wires when using them on a bread board. So, like others before me, I built a small bread board adapter.


The adapter is made from a couple of pieces of proto-board, 2 1 x 4 pins, 2 1 x 4 female header and some thin wire.
I cut the female headers from larger pieces.
The wire is single core wrapping wire which has the coating removed.

The 2 pieces of proto board are placed together face out (the side with the copper discs) this allows you to solder to both sides. However, this means there is no connection from one side to the other and this is what the wire is used for.

Solder the female headers

Attached the ESP8266 module to the female headers, place the proto boards over the pins on the header and solder in to place.
Next add small lengths of wire. The wire is used to make a connection to the larger pins.
Feed the wires through the holes

Solder the pins

Place the pins in a bread board then place the board on top.

Solder the pins in place and trim the excess wire


Not the best looking thing in the world but it works well.


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