Drop Control V0.1


Here is my solenoid valve controller; version 0.1. It can control 3 solenoid valves and has 2 triggers.

It is designed to control the valves and then send a signal to another Arduino which controls the camera. However, it can be connected directly to a camera if required.

The software is still a work in progress but I have all the major parts working.

Up to 9 drops with control over the valve to use, delay before, the delay after and the drop size

I also included a “quick” 1 drop and 2 drop mode.

Main Menu:














1 Drop

Set which valve, the drop size, delay before, delay after.
Add increments to the above settings and set infinite loop.
Add a delay between loops






2 Drop

Has the same settings as 1 Drop











Allows up to 9 drops. No increment settings yet.










Set trigger delay








Since posting the above I have completely re-written the code and made changes the circuit. This then became a version 2.

Added to version 2

Focus control
Buttons to drain the valves
Buck power converter instead of 7806
On/off switch
Remote start button
F9Z24N mosfet used instead of a diode on the Arduino vin line (less voltage drop)

5 thoughts on “Drop Control V0.1

  1. Dear All
    I want to do a project to control automatic water management using three solenoid valves using micro controller . which opens one valves at a time.
    would you help me the code for it and the schematic diagram.
    I hopefully waiting for your response via my email.
    Thank you

  2. I am interested in water drop photography, and think your system is excellent. Would it be possible for you to send me a circuit diagram? Much appreciated,

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