ESP8266-01 Bread Board Adapter Version 2

I have been playing with the ESP8266 modules again and had made a small adaptor to enable me to use the ESP8266 on a breadboard. It soon became apparent the adaptor was not the best design as it blocked access to some of the rear connections. This lead me to version 2.

ESP8266 Adaptor version 2

The adaptor is very simple, just 2 rows of sockets connected to the pins at the bottom but is far more convenient than the previous version. The wires are single core wire wrap wire which I find ideal for this kind of thing.

ESP8266 Adaptor
The old version. Harder to make and not as good.

Here is the new adaptor with the ESP8266 in place and also on a breadboard.

ESP8266 Adaptor version 2
ESP8266 Adaptor version 2 with the ESP8266 in place

ESP8266 Adaptor version 2 on a breadboard
ESP8266 Adaptor version 2 on a breadboard


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  1. Like the concept of bread board adapter . I think it is little easy rather than others. very informative post to each one like me.. Thanks for the great share.


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