HC-06 hc01.comV2.0



The latest zs-040 HC-06 modules have an updated firmware, hc01.comV2.0. This firmware has the following defaults:
– baud rate = 9600
– password = 1234
– nl/cr line endings not required.
– AT commands are required to be in upper case
– Firmware version = hc01.comV2.0
– Name = HC-06
– No parity
– SLAVE mode

Since the Bluetooth hardware is the same as the previous zs-040 HC-06s the Bluetooth specs are also the same. Bluetooth 2.0 EDR, SSP.
These use a slightly different BT module than the other zs-040 boards and there is a blue LED at the top left of the daughter board.


On these boards there are 2 LEDs. One red LED on the breakout board and a blue LED on the actual BT module (the small daughter board). The LEDs may seem to be linked but they are not. You can control the blue LED without affecting the red LED. See below.
When powered the LEDs flash quickly (I think the rate is 10 times a second) and the flash rate does not change when the modules are paired. When there is connection the LEDs change to constant on.

AT Commands

Replies do not contain end of line characters. This means when using a serial monitor everything appears on a single line. See the above screen shot.

Some of the basic AT commands are:

AT – connection test command. Returns OK

AT+BAUD AT+BAUD1 – sets the baud rate to 1200 and returns OK1200
AT+BAUD2 – sets the baud rate to 2400 and returns OK2400

Other possible baud rates are
1——— 1200
2——— 2400
3——— 4800
4——— 9600
5——— 19200
6——— 38400
7——— 57600
8——— 115200
9——— 230400
A——— 460800
B——— 921600
C——— 1382400
Be careful with speeds over 115200 when using a Windows computer.

AT+NAME Sets the name of the module. This is the name that is broadcast to other devices. Maximum length is 20 characters.
AT+NAMEmyBluetooth sets the name to myBluetooth, returns OKsetname

AT+PIN Changes the PIN/password.
AT+PIN9999 – changes the PIN to 9999, returns OKsetPIN

returns the firmware version – hc01.comV2.0

AT+LED turns off the on board LED. This is the blue LED on the small daughter board not the red LED on the larger breakout board.

AT+LED0 – turn off the blue LED, returns LED ON
AT+LED1 – turn on the blue LED, returns LED ON

AT+PN sets no parity
AT+PE sets even parity
AT+PO sets odd parity

The modules accept AT+ROLE commands but they don’t seemed to do anything.
AT+ROLE=S puts the module in to SLAVE mode, returns OK+ROLE:S
AT+ROLE=M puts the module in to MASTER mode, returns OK+ROLE:M
The commands are accepted and I originally thought this may mean the modules can be used as HC-05s but I get any of the usual HC-05 commands to work; ROLE, AT+ROLE, AT+ROLE=, AT+ROLE? doesn’t work.

Chinese Data Sheet
English Data Sheet. A different firmware version but the commands are the same.
Waven product page. This shows a slightly different hardware version to the ones I have but the commands are the same.


8 thoughts on “HC-06 hc01.comV2.0

  1. Hi
    I have some HC-06s with this latest hc01.comV2.0 firmware. All AT commands work OK, & I can see the device from my Windows 8.1 machine.
    If I pair with the device, Windows thinks it has paired OK, but the 2 LEDs on the module continue to blink fast.
    The “Standard Serial over Bluetooth” ports show up in Window’s Device Manager, but I can’t send data to or from them. The fact that the LEDs are still blinking fast makes me thing the pairing isn’t completed at the HC-06 end.
    Any help appreciated.

    • The LEDs do not change when the device is paired. They remain flashing (I think it is 10 times a second).
      When a connection is made the LEDs become constant on (no flashing).

      • I have the same from eBay. I changed to 115200, name & PIN.
        Windows 10 detects, pairs but can’t connect. LEDs are flashing. I can see Port 5 and Port 6 (Dev B) added and both are set to 115200 but Printrun can’t connect via Bluetooth to my 3D Printer. Error 10049 when checking with BluetoothView tool.

        Android device can pair and connect when using Bluetooth Terminal either secure or insecure (LEDs not flashing anymore).
        So I am trying to find a tool that can help with Windows 10 connection.

        • Since these are Bluetooth 2/SPP connection is a 2 stage process.
          1. find and pair with the BT module. This creates a COM port in Windows
          2. Use a terminal app such as putty or the Arduino serial monitor to connect using the assigned COM port.

          • OK thanks. I solved it. When I choose Port 5 in Arduino serial monitor, connection followed pairing and LED blinking stopped.
            So I switched to Printrun connection settings to enable it. After enabling TCP streaming mode Bluetooth 115200 connection to my RAMPS board working now. JFYI.

  2. Hi Martin, first of all sorry for my english. I use to do Otto and MiniZowi, if you don´t knoww it you can see it in youtube or in https://github.com/OttoDIY/OttoDIY, I have a HC 06 ZS-040 from China and I can´t pairing the robot and my movile in order to use Zowi App with it. My movile find de HC-06 but the Bt module dosn´t pair…
    What can I do? What could be de problem?
    Thank you so much.

  3. Good evening, which pin in this module can be use to tell arduino when its conected (paired) like others bluetooth modules?. I tried with STATE in de breackout, also with PINs 32 and 24 but the firmware blinks the leds, and i can’t use for my propouse cause i need a steady signal, no blinking one. Thank you.

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