Seeed Studio: W600 Module, Wio Lite W600, and Wio Lite MG126


A short while ago I was contacted by Seeed Studios to see if I was interested in receiving some of their product for review. They would give me US $50 to spend in their shop on anything I wanted and in return I would review and write about the items I received. I have been offered stuff before and generally don’t accept. Many of the things offered are not really relevant to this site or the things I play with. I also get guilty because few things I did receive I never got time to actually write about. A few years ago I received some of the very first ESP32 development boards and they are still in the box they came in. Ironically I have bought many more ESP32 modules since and haven’t used those either (I’m still learning ESP8266). Any way, after some back and forth with Seeed by email I agreed and started looking at the items in the Seeed shop.

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