Not a lot to say. I mess around with hobby electronics, dabble in Arduino and have a couple of turtles I keep as house pets (they are free wander around the place).

This website came about as a place to record notes and ideas. I found myself having to relearn many things as I tried new projects and so this website started out as a way for me to record some of the things I was doing.

A lot of what is on this site comes from a couple of projects I started a few years ago. The dropController and the camController. I decided I wanted to try water drop photography, didn’t want to buy one of the very expensive available devices and so, without knowing what I was doing, decided to build my own. Initially I looked at simple DIY projects like the ones from Hviz but soon found I wanted something more comprehensive. After a while of messing around and not getting anywhere I discovered the Arduino, which of course I had to learn to program. Although I had done C and assembler many years ago, most of it was forgotten.

I have tried other dev boards and various microprocessors but always come back to the Arduino. I have a fairly large range of different Arduino boards but have more-or-less settled on the Nano. The Nano is breadboard friendly and has small form factor and they are perfect for putting in to projects rather than the bare AVR chips.

I am fortunate that I have easy access to Taobao and also Shenzhen China (I live in Hong Kong) where a lot of the Arduino style electronics and modules are produced and so I am able to pick stuff up very cheap. This leads me to buying stuff on a whim and I have accumulated boxes of boards and modules I will probably never get round to using.

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