Sometimes the ESP8266 scan function doesn’t find all available networks and I wanted a rescan function that was easy to use. Using WiFi Manager you need to manually revert the IP address and refresh the webpage. SCM has a handy button to do the same thing.
I didn’t want to use too many (any) additional libraries. This included the ESPWebserver library and SCM instead relies on the raw request data to determine what page to serve or what action to take. Beyond the ESP8266WiFi library, which you need anyway, it does not have any special requirements. For ease of use this is not the best option but I want to keep with the previous posts and not suddenly start using the ESPWebserver library. I hope to have a post that explains what ESPWebserver does in the future.

Simple Connect Manager came about as part of the larger IOT Monitor project I did. Towards the end of the project I found WiFi Manager didn’t do what I wanted and made the main sketch unreliable. This lead me to developing my own.

Simple Connection Manager (SCM) is not a library, it is a collection of functions you can add to a sketch and the best way to do this is by putting it on a new tab inside your own project.